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You must own an NFT from a collection to play

How to Play



To play TraitMatch you must connect a MetaMask crypto wallet. MetaMask browser extensions are available for Chrome and Firefox.

You can also play TraitMatch on mobile via the MetaMask app browser. Install from App Store or Google Play.


Your MetaMask wallet must contain an NFT from a TraitMatch supported collection. Once connected press the 'Collections' button to see if you own an NFT from a supported collection. TraitMatch supported collections are featured here.

Please use Twitter to suggest collections you'd like to see supported.



TraitMatch is a zen-like web3 tile matching game where the goal is to match as many NFT collection traits as possible. You'll get a point for each match and a special rarity bonus for matching the rarest traits 💎

Maintaining a streak will also give you a bonus but be careful, your streak bonus will reset to zero if you select two NFTs with no matching traits or leave the game.


1. Get started by selecting any NFT from the board.

2. Select another NFT that has one or more matching traits.

3. Keep going to clear the board and get the highest score.



NFTs you own and also ones with rare 1/1 traits are wildcards that can be matched with any other NFT to receive a special bonus. Wildcards have a yellow border when selected.

Trait Hints

Mouseover an NFT or long press on mobile to see a list of traits with rarity %. Hints are enabled by default but can be turned off for a more challenging game 💪


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